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Study the impact of COVID-19 on an international level and at the national level (US). For this analysis I obtained the dataset through the government’s CDC official page, then I proceeded to query it and mine it to obtain the necessary data points, this was done through Microsoft Data Studio using SQL. After the mining of data was done I aimed to create a visualization of the study through Tableau data viz software.


The methodology I used to create a visualization of my findings was the following:

After acquiring the dataset from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) I decided to mine the data through excel to get rid of null values and non-important information.

I integrated the dataset into Azure Data Studio to query it and play with different combinations of queries and code. Once I knew what insights/data points I wanted to answer I started the visualization process through Tableau data visualization software.

After the analysis and representation was done, I prepared this responsive dashboard (Which you can interact with in real-time) so that you could have all the analysis and insights in the same place.


As a conclusion, I wanted to analyze and forecast the estimate of cases for the US at the end of 2022. I achieved this through a regression model based on historical data from the previous two years, combined with the actual number of cases recorded nationally.

This allowed me to successfully forecast a total of 91,211,651 total COVID cases (Since January 2020) nationally by the end of October 2022…

– Alfredo S.

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