This project was the capstone for my “Market research through data analytics” class.

For 6 months I led a team of 4 people in which we had to present our findings and recommendations to senior executives from the company Grubhub. The team was deemed winner out of the capstone competition over 30 different teams and we got to present our results to the company’s executives through a Power Point Presentation, a final report in Word Doc and an Excel file containing essential information regarding the information we analyzed.


The purpose of this report was to analyze 18-24-year-olds personal experiences, loyalty, and preferences regarding online food delivery services. Rival food delivery companies are increasing their market share with 18-24-year-olds, while Grubhub has not been able to do so and is unsure why. Grubhub would like to differentiate itself from its main competitors, Uber Eats and DoorDash.

Througout the PPT, you’ll find the methodology of the research, the data we found, the major findings and results the team proposed and a solution to Grubhub’s problem:

We developed a mockup application of what the app should look like – according to the findings and results we discovered for 6 months.

PD: Open the PPT to access the full presentation.

Throughout the Excel document, you’ll find documentation along with the analysis of the data used for the project. Most of the analysis is on statistics and confidence intervals represented through basic visuals.

PD: The Excel was essential in order to prove our findings to the executive team and to present data points on an easy and more user-friendly way.

As of documentation for the executives, the team prepared a report to document every analysis, finding, results and recommendations along with the sources of our research.

Overall, the project was a success. The Grubhub executive team deemed the team as a winner, providing internship offers along with a $50 voucher for their services.

-Alfredo S.

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