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After recent blockbusters like Spider-Man No Way Home, No Time to Die or Uncharted I wondered what would be the correlation between a movie’s budget and its success. To do this we will apply correlation models through Python in Jupyter Notebooks.


We will start by importing the necessary libraries, pandas, numpy and seaborn. Along with that we will import the database for the movie industry (Which is on a csv format). We will assign the variable “df” to it to make it easier to reference later.

We will read the data by using the Pandas library, look for missing data and null values that we might find. After that we will cleanse the data and start looking for correlations between blockbuster movies and the budgets they were given.


As a conclusion, yes there is a positive relationship between the budget that companies have with the success of blockbuster movies. We’ve proven this by year of release along with votes and rankings. For a more in-depth explanation of the correlation visit the code on my GitHub.

From a personal perspective, its safe to say that the more money is invested on a movie (CGI, marketing campaigns, press tours, castings, writers and advertisement) the higher are the chances for a movie to succeed in the box office. Especially since today’s trends of succeeding at the box office are highly correlated to the company making the movie along with the scale of the movie itself (Spider-Man NWH generated hype the minute it was announced, and so did Avatar, James Bond, Star Wars and so on…).

-Alfredo S.

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