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  • Objective
  • Methods
  • Study


Analyze the spending of the social media company Snapchat as well as its ads targeting data to target people when getting closer to political elections.


After obtaining the datasets from a third party on a csv format, we will user Excel’s Power Query in order to perform data pre processing so that we can structure the dataset to be analyisis friendly. After inserting the 3 different datasets into Tableau, we will preview the data and study the different connections between the data.


For the study, we will perform numerous calculated fields as well as visualizations to come up with a dashboard that will answer the following questions:

  • Are Snapchat ads targeting you?
  • How are ads targeting you?
  • When are they targeting you?
  • What companies are paying to target you?
  • Should you be concerned?

Since the whole analysis is based on multiple social media datapoints that can be deemed complex I encourage you to visit my Tableau profile to fully visualize the dashboards and have a better understanding of the analysis. The project was very interesting to structure though it was very complex to structure the queries and calculations.

Its safe to say that we all know that when elections get closer the amount of political biased and advocacy ads target specific groups of people through different variables and criteria… In this analysis you’ll find the answers to how Snapchat shapes its ads and targets its customers when it gets closer to political elections.

-Alfredo S.

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